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Exterior Staging

Curb appeal is exactly that, exterior staging, from the curb does your house looks its best? First impressions need to be inviting, it needs to signal that this home is ready for you! You’ll be surprised in the added value that exterior staging brings to your property. There are some simple tips such as a […]

Officially Summer! Things to do this weekend in Ottawa

Summer is officially here, and with it the outdoor festivals begin. Ottawa Jazz Festival rolls into town for 10 days starting Thursday June 22nd and running until July 2nd. The headliners include Feist, Joss Stone, and the legendary Kenny Rogers’ Final World Tour: “The Gambler’s Last Deal”, Mavis Staples, The Legendary Downchild Blues Band, and […]

Torontonians take advantage of Ottawa’s housing market

We have all seen it coming or perhaps heard the stories of even the wealthy entertainers fed up with the high prices and bidding wars when trying to buy in Toronto. Older less-desirable neighbourhoods have seen their property values triple. Small communities to the north, east and west are all experiencing the consequences of Toronto’s […]